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Buying the latest in medical equipment can be expensive, which can make it difficult to stay within your facility’s budget.

At Lakeside Wholesale Medical in Wagoner, OK,  we sell many different types of pre-owned medical equipment, allowing you to stock your facilty with quality equipment while staying on budget.

Anesthesia Machines

Purchasing an anesthesia machine that suits your facility’s unique needs is paramount in providing the safest operational procedures possible.

Depending on your needs, there are many brands and options available, allowing you to provide your patients the care they need on a budget you can afford. In addition to brands and features, it’s important to consider the full system you already use to make sure your new equipment is compatible, ensuring a seamless installation.

We offer a wide variety of anesthsia machines from Mindray, Drager, and GE/Datex Ohmeda. Whether you need an integrated anesthesia system with options for ventilation, volume and pressure control, airway management, and more, a more simplified unit, or even a portable machine, we’ll help walk you through the options that are right for you.

Patient Monitoring Machines

Patient monitoring is a critical part of many medical prodedures, which makes monitoring equipment a must have item for any clinic of medical facility. Monitoring machines allow medical professional keep track of many aspects of a patient’s vitals, helping ensure no life-threatening complications arise during procedures. 

Anesthesia monitors can help you maintain proper gas and sedation levels during intensive operations, ensuring the patient stays safe and healthy. After the procedure is complete, the patient’s vitals continue to be monitored to ensure their oxegenation, circulation, ventilation, and sedations levels remain in the safe zone.

From blood pressure and oxygenation levels, to heart rate, sedation, and circulation, we have the option you need for equipping your facility for any medical procedure.

Authorized Mindray Dealer

As an authorized dealer of new Mindray medical equipment, we offer a full range of patient monitoring and other diagnostic machines. Mindray offers equipment that’s designed to be easy to use, while providing you all the critical vitals information you need in order to keep your patients safe and healthy.

Whether you’re looking for monitors that track your patients’ vitals (like blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and more), anesthesia machines (for delivery and monitoring), or more, Mindray is sure to have everything you need to help make your operations and medical procedures successful.